We need your help to Grow Resilience!

Growing Resilience Campaign lettering in yellow with CISA logo in white on a green background next to an image of a barn with sunflowers and the Local Hero yellow circle badge

Photo By Linda Hannum

You Can Help Build a Stronger and More Equitable Food System for an Uncertain Future

We envision a future in which locally grown food is within reach for everyone, and farmers are equipped with the necessary resources to remain viable even in ever-changing conditions.

Our Growing Resilience Fund will expand our ability to make a difference.

When you donate to our campaign, you will help:

A female farmer holding two carrots

Photo by Zoe Elkin

Keep Farmers Farming

  • Strengthen their ability to adapt to climate change
  • Receive in-depth business support from CISA to increase their viability
  • Access the tools and resources they need to recover from emergencies faster

A woman shopping at a farmers market while pushing a stroller

Expand Access to Local Food

  • Double the number of Senior Farm Shares from 500 to 1,000 available to our low-income seniors
  • Bolster the Healthy Incentives Program that provides fresh produce to those who lack enough resources to feed their families
  • Make more than 40 farmers markets more accessible and welcoming to all

A farmer in a pink shirt weeding a bed of garlic

Deepen Equity and Diversity

  • Proactively support underserved farmers, especially Black, Indigenous, and Hispanic farmers, businesses, and organizations
  • Partner with organizations supporting farmer training in the state to bring a diverse array of people into the field
  • Incorporate the needs, assets, and perspectives of people and communities of color into our programming, advocacy, organizational culture, and policies.

Woman in a store standing in front of shelves with farm products holding a green sign that says "We support local agriculture"

Enlist Community Support

  • Connect and support volunteers to help farms, farmers’ markets, and food access programs
  • Advocate for government policies that benefit local farms and farmers through candidate forums, farm tours, and community outreach
  • Share the critical importance of the local food system’s role in climate change, food security, human and environmental health, and community vibrancy

We need to Grow Resilience.

You care about how your food is grown, where it comes from, and the people who bring it to your table.

CISA needs your help to keep farmers farming and ensure that local food is accessible to everyone.
How it works

  • The Growing Resilience Fund is not an endowment. We will use both the principal and interest as needed, therefore having flexibility to address the most urgent needs.
  • This Fund is needed to expand our capacity to respond to increasingly volatile conditions that farmers experience, ongoing inequity, and the anticipated decline in public funding.
  • The Fund will be used to fill gaps and add capacity to 2030. We will grow our base of support to ensure that we remain in a strong financial position beyond 2030.
  • The Fund will be available to support unanticipated needs emerging in the coming years.

With your help, we can help make local farms more resilient and ensure that an abundant supply of locally produced food continues to nourish us all.

Thank you for your support!

To learn more about the campaign, read our complete case statement here

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